Bike Wheel Size For Height: With detailed charts

One of the most important things you will need to do when choosing a brand new bike is to ensure that the sizing is correct.

  • If your bike wheels are too small, you will not be able to extend your legs to generate optimal powerfully.
  • If the wheels are too large, you won’t reach the pedals, which hampers your cycling performance.

The optimal bike wheel should account for your height, and it should work with your bike to give you the optimal performance needed.

Nowadays, more people are buying their bikes online, which makes the fitting process that much harder. Using a bike wheel chart is the only way to estimate which wheel is right for you.

Since many people struggle to find the optimal bike wheel for their height, we believe that helping you make this decision could save you some frustration.

Instead of having to try different bikes, you can simply measure your height, and this will give you an idea of which bike wheel is optimal for your height and size.

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Bike Wheel Size For Height: With detailed charts
Bike Wheel Size For Height: With detailed charts –

Why Does Having The Correct Bike Size Matter?

Depending on the reasons you are buying a bike, you will need to ensure that the bike is comfortable. If your bike does not provide you any comfort, you won’t be as eager to take it out for a ride. The main purpose of having the right wheel size is to provide optimal comfort while riding around town.

If you are a competitive rider, you want to make sure the height allows you to push yourself. As mentioned, when the wheels are too small, you won’t be able to extend your legs when pedaling. This will reduce the amount of power or watts you can produce consistently. It also tires you out much faster.

When the wheels are too large, you can have a hard time reaching the pedals. Not only does this make cycling almost impossible, but it can also reduce your power. The main idea is to have a comfortable fit that enables you to push yourself to the absolute limit and make you a competitive rider.

Basic Bike Size Chart

Nowadays, most manufacturers will have their own bike size charts. Since other variable components also come into play, you might want to rely on these specific charts for an optimal fit.

However, there are a few basic sizing principles that apply to everyone. Here are the most basic bike size charts you can use:

Height Of The Rider In InchesHeight Of The Rider In cmWheel Size Of The Bike
4’11” – 5’3” 149.86 to 160.02 cm13 – 15-inches
5’3” – 5’7”160.02 to 170.18 cm 15 – 16-inches
5’7” – 5’11”170.18 to 180.34 cm16 – 17-inches
6’0” – 6’2”180.34 to 187.96 cm17 – 19-inches
6’2” – 6’4”187.96 to 193.04 cm19 – 21-inches
6’4” – Taller193.04 – Taller21+-inches
Table Displays Basic Bike Size Chart –

Keep in mind that this is the most basic of bike sizing charts, and various other factors also come into play.

Many manufacturers will have charts that you can use to determine the right bike size for your needs. Be sure to use the individual charts that each bike manufacturer can provide for your purchase.

Size Chart For Different Bikes

While the above-mentioned chart focuses on the general size of bikes, you need to understand that the height of a road bike and mountain bike might be different. To ensure you get the right bike, we have gone even deeper. We have focused on finding more in-depth charts that could help you with each of the following bikes:

Mountain Bike Size Chart

The mountain bike is one of the most popular bikes on the market today, and it often comes with a slightly larger frame design.

You must look at the sizing chart to see how your height would affect the size of the wheels. Additionally, the frame size is only a suggestion but could make your selection process a bit easier.

Height Of The RiderWheel Size Of The BikeSuggested Frame Size
4’10”” – 5’1”24 – 29-inchesExtra Small (14-inches)
5’1” – 5’5”25 – 30-inchesSmall (15-16 inches)
5’5” – 5’9”26 – 31-inchesMedium (16-17 inches)
5’9” – 6’0”27 – 32-inchesLarge (17-18 inches)
6’0” – 6’3”28 – 33-inchesExtra Large (18-19 inches)
6’3” – 6’6”29-34-inches2  x Extra Large (19+ inches)
Table Contains Mountain Bike Size Chart –

Once again, these are only estimates based on some of the most popular mountain bikes. Some of the top brands could have other factors like seating adjustments and handlebars that you should also consider before buying.

Road Bike Size Chart

For road bikes, things change a little. Since road bikes are more popular in Europe than they are anywhere else in the world, the measurements often use the metric system.

You must follow the metric system as being off by only one centimeter could affect your cadence and overall comfort.

Here is a basic chart for selecting a road bike according to your height:

Height Of The RiderWheel Size Of The BikeSuggested Frame Size
4’10”” – 5’0”148-152 cm2 x Extra Small
5’0” – 5’3”152-160 cmExtra Small 
5’3” – 5’6”160-168 cmSmall
5’6” – 5’9”168-175 cmMedium
5’9” – 6’0”175-183 cmLarge
6’0” – 6’3”183-191 cmExtra Large
6’3” – 6’6”191-198 cm2 x Extra Large
Table Contains Road Bike Size Chart –

Once again, the chart is based on average, and plenty of factors will come into play when you buy a road bike. The road bike is often considered a high-performance bike, and this means you will need to focus on having optimal comfort

Road bikes are also different according to discipline and style. You might find that a cyclocross bike with the same specifications as your road bike is not as comfortable.

For a cyclocross bike, some riders refer to the mountain bike charts. On the other hand, the time trial bike is even more complex. 

With a time trial bike, you could find that the wheels are purposefully larger. The main idea is to give you as much distance with each pedal stroke. The time trial bikes are some of the most complex, with aerodynamics playing the biggest role in determining size.

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Casual City Bike/ Hybrid Bike Size Chart

The hybrid or city bike is the most common bike you will find in urban areas. In the US, someone who does not own a mountain bike might consider looking for a hybrid bike.

These hybrid bikes have plenty of benefits, and they enable the rider to do plenty of things with them. The versatility means that it can be used on all terrains.

Here is a basic chart for selecting your next city bike.

Height Of The RiderWheel Size Of The BikeSuggested Frame Size
4’10”” – 5’1”24 – 29-inchesExtra Small (14-inches)
5’1” – 5’5”25 – 30-inchesSmall (15-16 inches)
5’5” – 5’9”26 – 31-inchesMedium (16-17 inches)
5’9” – 6’0”27 – 32-inchesLarge (17-18 inches)
6’0” – 6’3”28 – 33-inchesExtra Large (18-19 inches)
6’3” – 6’6”29-34-inches2  x Extra Large (19+ inches)
Table Contains Casual City Bike (Hybrid Bike) –

As you can see with, the hybrid bike, it is very similar to that of the mountain bike. The main idea is to give you a comfortable bike to cruise around town.

This chart should be the same for all non-performance bikes. However, those looking for a performance bike might need to look at additional aspects that affect the bike.

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What Is The Right Bike Size For A Kid?

When it comes to children, their main aim for owning a bike is to have fun. While having a bike with the right wheel size could improve their performance, it is not as important as those that set out to win professional competitions. 

The downside to not having a bike with the right wheel size is possible injuries( Source: Cycling Weekly). Consistent pedaling with an incorrect bike could lead to massive knee problems as the person ages. It is best to avoid these problems by making sure that the wheel size of your bike is comfortable.

Kids’ bikes are typically measured by the size of their wheels, and finding the correct size for kids’ bikes is simpler than adult sizing. For example, a 12-inch bike has 12-inch wheels, and a 16-inch bike has 16-inch wheels, and so on.

Here is an excellent general kids’ bike size chart; however, I suggest you have your child try a bike before buying it.

Kid’s Height in Inches Kid’s Height in cmKid’s AgeSuggested Bike Size
2’9.9″ – 3’4.2″ 86.0 – 102.0 cm2 to 412″ (30.48 cm) wheel
3’3.0″ – 3’10.1″99.0 – 117.0 cm4 to 616″ (40.64 cm) wheel
3’8.9″ – 4’4.0″114.0 – 132.0 cm6 to 820″ (50.8 cm) wheel
4’3.2″ – 4’11.1″130.0 – 150.0 cm8 to 1224″ (60.96 cm) wheel
4’9.5″ – 5’3.0″146.0 – 160.0 cm12 and older26″ (10.24 cm) wheel
Table Contains Kids’ Bike Size Chart –

Does Having The Right-Sized Bike Improve Performance?

There are a few important benefits you could pull on when it comes to having the right-sized bike. While it might not make you a better cyclist, all the components and sizing should work together to make it much easier for you. In the world of mountain biking, these benefits can help you reduce energy wasted, which leads to better performance.

Additionally, cadence is one of the most important factors for road cyclists when managing energy. With a bike size that offers you the right height, pedaling becomes slightly easier and more manageable. Once you can comfortably manage the cadence you are pushing out; cycling should be more comfortable.

Check out the video below to learn a few tricks on how to pick the perfect bike size.

Bike Wheel Size For Height: With Detailed Chart –

Final Thoughts

While it might seem complicated and like a lot of effort to find a bike with the right wheel size, the benefits will make up for it.

You will notice how comfortable the bike feels when doing longer trips, and energy management should be much better. If you don’t think the online guide can help you get the right bike, you could visit your local pro shop to double-check.

Have you ever bought a bike online, and how did you ensure it is the correct size?


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