How To Pick The Best Rear Bike Racks: 5 best options!

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How To Pick The Best Rear Bike Racks

I have been using bikes for commuting to work and running different errands for years. The top thing that I lacked initially was a sturdy bike rack.

A sturdy bike rack does not come with a bike, but it is a necessary accessory if you carry multiple things on your bike.

So, how to pick the best rear bike racks? “When choosing a bike rack, it’s important to consider how sturdy the bike rear rack is because a solid rear rack is essential in carrying heavy things on your bike and attaching other components to it. Another critical factor is how secure the rack is in carrying stuff and its ability to prevent them from damaging during transport.” according to Mark, The Folding Bike Guy

The rack can help you keep grocery items safe while driving. It will also allow you to secure sensitive items on the bike.

If you want to purchase the best rear bike racks, say no more; here is complete about the best rear bike racks to help you.

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Things To Consider When Getting The Best Rear Bike Racks

You must consider the following things to get a good bike rack and enjoy the best value for money:

1- Material

The material of a bike rack is essential to consider because it determines the product’s lifespan. You will encounter aluminum and steel as the two primary options on the market. The former material is best for you if you want a durable and lightweight rack.

However, steel is best if you frequently carry excessively heavy things on your bike. This is because it is the sturdiest material for a bike rack.

Of course, you must remember that steel products are also heavier and sometimes more expensive than aluminum racks.

2- Dimensions

The dimensions of a bike rack also matter because it affects your ability to carry different things. You must get a wide or elongated bike rack if you want to take large items on your vehicle. This will allow you to secure the thing easily on the bike.

You may also get a bike rack for additional space if you want to ride with others. You should avoid getting a product with raised edges in such a case.

They may make it difficult for the person to sit on the platform. The load capacity must also be relatively high in this case.

3- Height

Your bike rack’s height must be high enough to encourage easy installation. Getting a product with a height of 1.25 inches or more is advisable. This will enable the rack to stay above the wheel easily and prevent it from hindering the ride.

The height is also necessary to consider because the load on the platform will cause it to depress a bit. So the rack must be high enough not to touch the wheel even when things are secured to it.

4- Brand

The brand is the last thing you must get right when purchasing a bike rack. Some companies have been making cycle products for years. So you can rely on their bike racks to offer you high stability, durability, and good value for money.

Some of the top brands that I prefer are Planet Bike, Ibera, and Schwinn. These companies offer sturdy bike racks at affordable prices in various countries. So you have to consider the brand name for quality and budget reasons.

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5 Best Rear Bike Racks

Now that you understand the things that will help you choose a specific model, you must learn about the best rear bike racks.

Here are the reviews of the items I have used frequently over the years due to their high convenience and best value for money:

1- Planet Bike Eco Bike Rack

The Eco Bike Rack by Planet Bike has been the market’s top model for years. I love the item because of its sturdiness and low price. It allows you to achieve high stability while riding the bike with items such as groceries and lightweight tools.

With a capacity of 55 pounds, you can easily carry multiple items on your bike without worry. The rack is also compatible with electric bikes for ease of use. However, the best feature is the pre-installed hardware that allows you to attach the rack to the bike with no complex installation process.

What I LikeWhat I Don’t Like
– The rack has an aluminum composition for sturdy construction
– Weight capacity is high
– Compatible with mechanical and electric bikes.
– It does not have a time-consuming installation process
– The stability of the rack requires improvement to carry excessively heavy items.
Table Contains Planet Bike Eco Bike Rack Features –

2- Bell Caddy

Caddy by Bell is another famous rear bike rack on the market. It is mainly designed for people who carry lightweight items on their bikes. The platform is also adjustable if you want to carry large loads without compromising your bike’s stability.

The top feature of the Bell caddy rack is the bungee cord system that enables quick release of the item. So you can enjoy high security when carrying sensitive things on your bike, such as a packed glass vase.

The rack is also compatible with most adult cycles due to its basic design.

What I LikeWhat I Don’t Like
– It is available in various sizes to accommodate small to large items
– The rack has high compatibility
– It comes with an integrated cord for security
– The platform is adjustable
– The weight capacity is only 20 pounds.
Table Shows Bell Caddy Rear Bike Racks Features –

3- Ibera Bike Rack

Ibera bike rack is one of the best rear bike racks because of its sturdy construction and convenient design. You can carry groceries, boxes, and briefcases on the rack easily. The best thing is the product is compatible with bags and panniers for ease of use.

The quick-release mounting system also ensures you don’t have to spend hours installing the rack on your bike.

Also, the Ibera bike rack comes in a disc brake style to ensure you can ride the vehicle easily and maintain high safety. The rack will not affect the bike’s ability to stop within a given time.

What I LikeWhat I Don’t Like
– Fits frames of 26 inches easily
– You can carry side loads on the rack due to the mounted frame
– The item is compatible with Ibera panniers
– Stays above the wheel even with a heavy load.
– It is a bit expensive.
Table Contains Ibera bike rack Pros And Cons –

4- Rambo Bike Rack

The Rambo bike rack is an excellent product because of its aluminum alloy composition. This material enables the item to be lightweight and sturdy.

It also ensures the rack is corrosion-resistant, so you don’t have to fear rust when washing the bike while the product is attached to it.

Another great aspect of the Rambo bike rack is that it is compatible with accessory bags. So you can improve your storage space when carrying different items on the bike. Due to the convenient design, you can also attach the Rambo fishing cart to your bike rack.

What I LikeWhat I Don’t Like
– It is sturdy
– Easy to install
– Allows you to carry various accessories
– Lightweight design
– It does not fit bikes of brands other than Rambo.
Table Shows Rambo bike rack Pros And Cons –

5- Schwinn Rear Bike Rack

Schwinn is an excellent company for cycle accessories because of the best value for money. Its rear bike rack is suitable to fit various models because of its universal design. 

The Schwinn rear bike rack also comes with a mounting accessory to fit bikes with and without mounting points.

It can hold items of up to 26 pounds, such as backpacks and groceries. The aluminum construction will also ensure your riding speed is not affected.

What I LikeWhat I Don’t Like
– Durable design
– Budget-friendly
– Lightweight
– Fits various bikes
– It should be a bit longer.
Table Contains Schwinn Rear Bike Rack –

Is It Better To Have a Bike Basket In Front Or Back?

Having a bike basket in front is better because you don’t have to worry about your bike tilting backward. Bike baskets are also better for rougher roads, including dirt roads, as the extra weight in the front improves the bike’s grip on the surface.

In addition, front wheels are naturally stronger than rear wheels and can handle more weight. One of the benefits of having a bike rack is that you can keep things, including bags, groceries, and work bags.

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How Much Weight Can a Rear Bike Rack Hold?

Generally, a rear bike rack can hold between 20 and 50 pounds (9 to 23 kg), which is typically enough for most people. There are typically three types of bike racks: 

  • Rear Rack: Rear racks generally carry loads between 20 and 50 pounds (9 to 23 kg). A few heavy-duty can carry up to 80 pounds (36.29 kg)
  • Front Rack: Front racks are popular, especially with touring cyclists carrying large gear.
  • Bike Trailer for Cargo: Consider a bike trailer for cargo if you have lots of gear to haul. A trailer offers you lots of storage space for carrying heavy loads in town or on long-distance tours.

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Final Thoughts

You can purchase these five best rear bike racks for carrying different items. I recommend you purchase the Planet Bike Eco Rack because of its low price and durable construction.

This rack also has highest one of the highest weight capacities on the market.


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