5 Best Mountain Bike Brake Pads For Safer Ride

The brake is one of the most important safety components of any vehicle. Be it for a car or bike; a brake ensures safety in any terrain you are riding. But for mountain bikes where you are riding in a terrain full of rocks and unbalanced surfaces, a reliable brake is very important. 

Brake pads are a component that wears out with time and usage. That is why it is important to check the condition of the pads regularly. It helps you understand the brakes’ intensity available at your disposal. 

When getting new brakes, everyone wants better performance and reliability. This guide will help you choose the best brake pads for your mountain bike. 

My Top Pick is the GPMTER mountain bike brake pads, as it is among the highest-rated mountain bike brake pads currently available on the market. In addition, it offers the highest value for money. 

Are Bike Brake Pads Worth It?

Brake pads are among the most critical components on your bike. They determine how well your braking system will work, particularly in harsh weather conditions, including wet, snow, and slippery conditions.

So, how do you choose mountain bike brakes? When choosing mountain bike brakes, consider the material they are made of, their durability, ease of maintenance, and their general performance to find the best.

Furthermore, consider terms like DH, Trail, FR, and AM when choosing mountain bike brakes with more stopping power. You can check the rotor sizes, which indicate stopping power; as a rule of thumb, larger rotors means more stopping power.

Top Best Mountain Bike Brake Pads

Mountain bike accessories and parts are a huge market, and you will get to see countless options when you are out buying them.

But brake pads are such a sensitive part of your mountain bike that you must buy them carefully. Here are the best mountain bike brake pads to choose from. 

1- Hapleby Bike Brake Pads

The Hapleby mountain bike brake pads are made of hyathetic fiber and nitrile rubber, making them durable and long-lasting. 


Brake Pads MaterialNitrile rubber and hyathetic fiber
Length2.76 inches
Width 1.41 inches
Color Black
Table Displays Hapleby Bike Brake Pads Specifications – bikerify.com


Hapleby is one of the best manufacturers of mountain bike parts and accessories. They have a strong reputation for providing the best, most durable brake pads you can get for your mountain bike. 

Made of nitrile rubber and hyathetic fiber, the brake pads are way more durable than ordinary mountain bike brake pads. One of the best features of these brake pads is their design. On the pads, you can see three white lines that help you check the health of the pads. 

The first line on the pad represents that the brake may need replacement. The second line means that the braking is not strong enough due to it wearing out. Lastly, when the pad reaches the line, it means you have to replace the pads at any cost. 

The unique design of the Hapleby mountain bike brake pads makes them resistant to damage by sand and mud. This ensures that the braking quality won’t be affected, and you can enjoy a smooth ride.  

Remember that these brake pads are suitable for mountain bikes above 20-inch and have all v-brake systems. 


  • Highest quality, long-lasting brake pads
  • Ranked no.1 in mountain bike brake pads
  • Affordable


  • Install very carefully; otherwise, the brakes may make squeaking sounds

2- BASEEING Bike Brake Pads

The BASEEING mountain bike brake pads are suitable for every weather and bring no damage to the ring of your bike wheelbase


Brake Pads MaterialNative rubber
Width0.55 inches
Length2.76 inches
Table Contains BASEEING Bike Brake Pads Specifications – bikerify.com


The best thing about the BASEEING bike brake pads is that they are hard-wearing and long-lasting brake pads. They can be used for months of riding, depending on your speed and the terrain you are riding in.

These brake pads are V-shaped and designed with such technology that sand and mud cannot damage the brake. Don’t worry about rainy or wet conditions, as these brake pads have a great grip over the wheel of your mountain bike. 

The V-brake pads are known as they are noiseless and for their remarkable stopping capability. The BASEEING bike brake pads can be used for more than 3500 kilometers and bear any rough road conditions. 

Ensure the brakes are installed properly with the hex wrench provided in the box. Anything positioned wrongly can affect the efficiency of your brakes. 


  • Highly-durable
  • Wear-resistant rubber
  • Fits most mountain bikes
  • Easy to install


  • May finish quickly in some bikes

3- GPMTER Bike Brake Pads

GPMTER brakes are one of the best mountain bike brake pads you can get your hands on. High-quality nitrile rubber ensures a long-lasting braking system without making any braking sounds. 


Brake Pads MaterialNitrile rubber
Length N/A
Table Contains GPMTER Bike Brake Pads Specifications – bikerify.com


If you get the GPMTER bike brake pads, make sure to timely check the limit mark present on the pads. This limit mark tells you about your brake pads’ health and whether they require replacement. Not being aware of your brakes’ health can create serious risks for you. 

These brakes can fit any bike that is over 20 inches. The GPMTER bike brake pads have a v-shaped design that helps the brakes remain cool and efficient throughout your ride. The twill drains on the brakes prevent any damage that can be done to the brakes by sand, mud, and stones. 

Mountain bikes must go through every condition, especially when you require heat-resistant brakes such as these. 


  • Durable
  • Heat-resistant
  • Perfect for every season
  • Suitable for every type of bike


  • The bolt of the brake may be a little short if you have Tektro arms.

4- Hotop Mountain Bike Brake Pads

Most of the mountain bikes that you have seen are straight. But these Hotop mountain bike brake pads are slightly curved. This design ensures zero damage to the wheel’s rim and improves the brakes’ efficiency. 


Brake Pads MaterialRubber and metal
Length2.76 inches
Width0.55 inches
Table Displays Hotop Mountain Bike Brake Pads Specifications – bikerify.com


Made from hard-wearing rubber and metal, the Hotop mountain bike pads ensure the top-quality performance you require. The front side of the brake pads is entirely rubber which helps with great stopping power. 

The Hotop mountain bike pads prevent any slight damage that can be done to your wheels. But check the health of your brake pads and ensure they can be used for long journeys. If you think the brakes will end, it would be best to replace them and then take your bike out for a ride. 

Don’t worry; these brake pads never heat up due to the twill design, and water leaking holes ensure maximum power during rainy conditions.


  • Lightweight
  • Perfect for adverse weather conditions
  • Available with spacers


  • Need to be installed very carefully

5- Alritz Mountain Bike Brake Pads

Perfect for mountain and sports bikes, the Alritz bike brake pads are one of the best you can get your hands on. The brake pads are free of asbestos and emery, making them harmless to your bike.


Brake Pads MaterialHard-wearing rubber
Length N/A
Table Shows Alritz Mountain Bike Brake Pads Specifications – bikerify.com


With the extremely noiseless braking system, the Alritz mountain bike brake pads don’t lose their power in poor weather conditions. So you don’t have anything to worry about when installing these brake pads on your mountain bike. 

The water-leaking tanks on the pads ensure that the brakes work perfectly fine in rainy conditions. Compatible with most every bike, the Alritz mountain bike brake pads are high-temperature resistant, improving their longevity

You can also order the 8-pack brake pads from Alritz and always have spares available. That would help you have a perfect braking system all the time. 


  • Worth the cost
  • Easy to install
  • Long-lasting


  • If you use spacers, there are many things you have to be aware of.

Final Words

Here is a complete guide for the best mountain bike brake pads. The products we have discussed are top-quality and the best ones you can get.

My top pick is the GPMTER mountain bike brake pads; it is among the highest-rated mountain bike brake pads currently available. Additionally, it offers the highest value for money. 


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