9 Best Commuter Pedals (And how to pick yours)

In recent years there has been a shift in how people commute to schools, universities, colleges, and offices as more and more people now prefer to commute on their bikes rather than through private cars and public transportation.

According to the U.S Census Bureau, about 1.1% of commuters in big cities travel to work by bicycle. This change has increased the demand for commuter pedals in most parts of the world.

Undoubtedly, this means of commuting is eco-friendly and helps save time from traffic jams, reduce all kinds of pollution and ensure a clean and green environment.

If you are interested in getting suitable commuter pedals, look no further and let us show you some of the available options in the market.

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9 Best Commuter Pedals (And how to pick yours)
9 Best Commuter Pedals (And how to pick yours) – bikerify.com

What To Consider When Choosing Bike Pedals

When picking bike pedals, think about the riding you will do, the weather, and the time of day you will be riding; I suggest you narrow your list between flat platform or dual-sided pedals.

Avoid choosing 100 % clipless pedals as they are generally either road pedals or mountain bike pedals, and there are currently no commuter-specific clipless pedals besides the dual-sided.

  • If your commute typically involves a combination of heavy traffic, stairs, and the occasional train or bus ride, I suggest you look at flat platform pedals allowing you to wear any casual or work shoes.
  • However, suppose you generally have a long commute without frequent stops. In that case, I suggest you go with hybrid dual-sided pedals as they will offer you better pedaling efficiency when wearing cycling shoes and versatility for shorter rides with casual shoes.
  • Another critical factor to consider when buying a pair of commuter pedals is the price.
    • Flat pedals will be the best option if you don’t want to burn a lot of cash, as they are usually made of cheaper material.
    • Dual-sided pedals are generally a little more expensive; however, they are nicely made out of long-lasting alloy materials and are a profitable investment, especially if you are looking for versatility, safety, and efficiency.

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Best Commuter Pedals

The pandemic in recent years has made commuting attractive as people wish to avoid public interaction as much as possible; however, the comfort and safety of your ride largely depend on the type and quality of your bike pedals.

Here are the nine best commuter pedals available on amazon to pick yours from.

1- Shimano Hybrid Pedals

If you enjoy being clipped into pedals or even riding them flat, I suggest you pick Shimano hybrid pedals. They come with an SPD binding mechanism on one side while they remain flat on the other.

And their light-action mechanism makes clipping in and out safe and easy, making commuting safe. You can change the tension in the Shimano hybrid pedals to ensure a good fit for your cleated shoes.

Setting it loose first makes it easier to clip in until you gain enough confidence. On the flat side of the pedals, traction pins ensure a suitable grip even in harsh weather, including rain.

Shimano hybrid pedals are versatile and made aluminum body with a Chromoly steel axle. In addition, they are a perfect fit for Mountain Bike shoes.

The only issue is the tension; some bikers found its max pedal tension is not tight enough.

2- Commuter Pedals by Puroma

Puroma pedals are high-quality commuter pedals with reflectors on both front and back sides, and they can easily be folded up by pushing the pedals to the crank; however, you must not stand on the pedal riding to prevent injury.

The edges of the pedals are toothed to improve the grip and prevent slipping while riding the bike and are available as right and left-sided pedals.

These commuter pedals, made of Nylon and aluminum alloy, are extremely strong and durable. In addition, the pedals are versatile and can easily fit on all adult bikes, including mountain, folding, and road bikes.

The design of the Puroma pedals is not only exquisite but also simple and handy; therefore, they can act as a replacement and an addition to all types of folding bikes available on the market. 

If this offer interests you, then do check this out on Amazon to learn more.

3- YBEKI Commuter Pedals

If you enjoy being connected to your pedals while still being free to wear any shoe, I suggest you consider the YBEKI commuter pedalsThey come with toe clips to help center your foot on the pedal and assist with cranking efficiency.

The YBEKI commuter pedals are made with a sturdy aluminum alloy body, a resin cage, and resistant nylon toe straps. 

More importantly, the YBEKI commuter pedals offer excellent value for money; these pedals’ sides include reflectors for added nighttime visibility.

These pedals help keep you safe, mainly if you work night shifts. The only issue I notice is that they might not be durable; however, they are worth trying.

4- Commuter Pedals by Rock Bros

These commuter pedals are among the strongest and the most durable bike pedals available in the market, with a rugged surface of nylon. The spindles are not only shockproof but are also resistant to corrosion and abrasion, which gives great strength to the overall product.

Each side has anti-skid nails, so your feet are secured, and you do not have to worry about slipping off the pedals. In addition, the grip is incredible even if your pedals get covered in a thick layer of mud, so you will not fall no matter what. 

These pedals possess a wide platform, are light-weighted, and are capable of bearing high speed, which makes these a suitable choice for long rides where comfort and safety are important.

Rock Bros commuter pedals can be installed easily and used to ride even in the rain. In addition, these commuter pedals can fit in all kinds of bikes, including hybrid, folding, road, mountain, touring, etc.

5- Bike Pedals by BV

Suppose you are looking for commuter pedals that are light but, at the same time, rigid. In that case, the BV commuter pedals are your best bet as these pedals have a single-piece resin design on their body with reflectors all contributing to their rigidness and light weightiness.

The light-weightiness of pedals means your feet will not get tired soon, and you can ride long distances smoothly and comfortably.

The ball-bearing system optimizes each stroke you make on the pedals. Because of its steel spindle, which is incredibly sturdy and 9/16′, these pedals are long-lasting; they can safely call them a one-time investment if they are taken good care of.

The best thing about the BV commuter pedals is that you can use them on all sorts of bikes, including E-bikes, and they are great for trekking and commuting within the urban area.

Moreover, along with the excellent quality they come with a one-year warranty which means if you are not satisfied with the performance you can return them.

6- Hiland Commuter Bike Pedals

The Hiland commuter bike pedals are made from molded PP plastic (Polypropylene), both lightweight and robust materials. 

I suggest you check the size of your bike to see if they can fit. The Hiland commuter bike pedals also have built-in reflectors to help visibility at night.

The good news is they come with built-in plastic studs, and you can install the Hiland commuter bike pedals with either a 6mm hex key or a 15mm wrench.

7- Commuter Bike Pedals by Crankbrothers

The Crankbrothers commuter bike pedals provide a perfect surface area and a 13mm thin, minimal profile.

Moreover, the pattern of 9 hex traction pins on each side makes the design unique, and both of these features can contribute to providing you with an incredible riding experience with these pedals.

These pedals come with various stamps; however, you must ensure that you should only use the large stamp for the following shoe sizes: 10-15 (US) and 43-49 (EU).

Other significant features of these pedals are a steel spindle of SCM 435, endure bearings, a sealed system, and premium lgus.

Moreover, its perfect size and weight also mean your riding experience can get more comfortable, safer, smoother, and overall better with these pedals on your bike.

If these features interest you, then the Crankbrothers commuter bike pedals should be an appealing option for you to pick.

8- Commuter Pedals by Fooker 

Fooker commuter pedals are the most durable pedals consisting of a nylon fiber surface and a spindle that is not only shockproof but also resistant to corrosion and abrasion. Overall these pedals have great strength.

The ride with these pedals will be guaranteed safe, smooth, and comfortable because of its optimal size and secure fitting. Moreover, the anti-skid nails on each pedal side ensure that your feet are secured and that you do not slip away while ridding, even in muddy terrain.

The Fooker commuter pedals are universal and can be fitted in various types of bikes such as mountain, urban, folding, road, touring, etc. They also come with two types of bearings, such as 3 bearings and needle roller bearings, giving you a variety to choose from.

They are of excellent quality, perfect size, and will provide a comfortable, smooth, and safe ride regardless of the terrain you are riding on and the weather you are riding in.

In addition, the seal bearing helps keep your spindles safe and protects them from dust, pebbles, large particles, and water, which protects you from noise pollution while climbing or raining.

If you want to learn more about these commuter pedals, check out Amazon.

9- Shimano Commuter Pedals

Shimano Commuter Pedals are robust and lightweight, with a carbon composite body that helps keep the weight of these pedals down. At the same time, their wide platform fitted with steel plates assists with stability and power transfer.

Furthermore, the Shimano commuter pedals promise outstanding durability, and you’ll likely use them for thousands of miles without ill effect. 

You can change the tension on these pedals, which affects how easy it is to clip in and out. The Shimano commuter pedals come with Shimano’s yellow cleats, which offer an incredible 6 degrees of “float,” AKA the amount of foot movement they allow when fully engaged.

More importantly, they are made of carbon composite, which makes them strong and light.

Final Words

Here is the complete guide for all the best options available on amazon for Commuter pedals. All the products mentioned above are all good quality and the best you could get your hands on.

As bicycle commuting has become very popular, you must invest in the best quality pedals available on the market for your safety while riding the bicycle, even if it may seem like an added expense.

Therefore, make sure you choose from the options discussed above, as they are all top-rated on amazon with affordable prices, great reviews, and interesting features.

That will all work to ensure a safe, comfortable, and incredible riding experience whenever you commute on your bike.


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